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Dr. Connie Snyder Sontag

Dr. Connie Snyder Sontag is a woman of experience. She started her career when she first delivered a set of twin calfs on a Kibbutz in Israel at the simple age of 17. She knew from then on out that she wanted to help animals. This experience has driven Dr. Snyder. She has a special and extremely close bond with animals. With her medical expertise, and deep affection for her patients, she artfully takes your animal from their pain, and heals them mind and body whole.

Early Years and Education

After the age of 17, Dr. Snyder’s desire to heal was faced with a decision of either staying in Israel and becoming a citizen, or returning to the United States to learn veterinary medicine. The option of going to Italy and studying her craft there was tempting, but ultimately Dr. Snyder chose to attend the University of Florida in 1978. At UF Dr. Snyder worked with Dr. Steve Shores of Shores Animal Hospital while finishing a degree in Animal Sciences and post-graduate studies in Biochemistry. In 1981, when Dr. Snyder was accepted into the School of Veterinary Medicine and graduated in 1985.

Early Career

Summer after graduation, Dr. Snyder began to help Dr. Brad Richter of Coral Gables Animal Hospital. There, Connie began to take on the work of helping animals. She learned much about small animals here, but wanted to do equine work again. She eventually opened a mixed animal practice in Country Walk. Dr. Snyder was able to get close to her roots again, working with horses as she had first done when she was 17.

After 1 year, Dr. Snyder began to work for Bird Road Animal Hospital. Here she gained experience in small animal surgery. After so many years at so many different clinics Dr. Snyder had learned a lot. She had had the ability to learn from other established doctors on how the true practice of animal medicine works. She was ready to bring her special brand of care and love to her community.

The Visiting Vet is Born

Dr. Snyder had worked with other doctors in the past, but her vision didn’t stop there. She knew that to really bring the affection she had in mind for her patients she had to open her own clinic. From a modest bank loan and a dream, Connie Snyder Sontag D.V.M became an entrepreneur. In the summer of 1987, the Visiting Vet was finally born.

Dr. Snyder Sontag began her practice in a humble beginning: from the inside of her mobile (van) animal hospital. She sometimes worked from several colleagues offices until 1989 the Visiting Vet’s office doors were opened. She has been loving and caring for animals ever since, and her office remains a fun a friendly place for all who enter.

Q&A: What Motivates You?

-My father, his values, and his integrity

-My mother "Honey" and her compassion

-My amazing team and their drive

-Deep compassion for animals

The Doctor loves to play with puppies

Q&A: What are your biggest influences?

-My Father. He taught me never to take no for an answer and that honesty and integrity are the most important values of all.

-My Mother. She taught me that anger is a poor emotion, and to always shine light in dark situations.

Tips from the Doctor

-I love making pets a focal point of a family. They create a social glue that makes for good family ties.

-I teach children how to take care of their pets. It instills responsibility early on and their pet becomes their best friend.

Q&A: What’s your idea of a good time?

-Playing music! Guitar, harmonica, drums, everything. Get out and jam!

-I love writing. When I was a freshman, my professors tried to convince me to be an author!

Doc loves her employees!